Refund and Returns Policy

A. Refund Policy

We offer a 100% guarantee, but refunds are subject to our Terms and Conditions and will only be provided if the service does not work.

Our primary goal is to ensure safety and fulfill our obligations to clients. However, we also take measures to protect ourselves from piracy and fraud-related incidents involving software.

As we sell non-tangible goods that cannot be returned, we do not issue refunds once the order is completed and the product is delivered. It is your responsibility as a customer to understand this before making a purchase on our site.

We do not assume responsibility or provide a warranty if your account is banned or blocked due to violating the rules of the file-hosting company.

I. Instances when refunds are possible:

Duplicated orders: If the system mistakenly sells you two identical keys instead of two different ones.

Inefficient premium key: If the sold premium key system proves to be ineffective.

If you believe that the received product does not match what was shown on the website or meet your expectations, you must notify our customer service within 24 hours of receiving the product. Do not contact any other third parties such as PayPal or file-hosting companies. Refunds will only be accepted for unused keys. After reviewing your complaint, our Customer Service Team will make an appropriate decision.

II. Cases where returns are not possible:

Ordering premium keys or accounts but no longer needing them.

Purchasing multiple premium keys and choosing to keep the one that best suits your needs, then requesting a refund for the rest.

We cannot offer a refund if, after the purchase, you experience slow downloads, dead links, or do not obtain the desired files for download.

We do not assume responsibility or provide a warranty if your account is banned or blocked due to violating the rules of the file-hosting company.

A refund will not be accepted if the file-hosting company is no longer active due to technical issues, closure by law or other reasons, or if you cannot access the website.

B. Refund Procedures

To initiate a refund, you need to provide us with your active email address and the order details. PremiumBig is not responsible for any non-delivery of keys due to an invalid email address provided by you. It is your sole responsibility to provide a valid email address.

Fraudulent credit card payments: All inquiries regarding payment cancellations will be handled by our technical and legal departments. If you make a fraudulent claim stating that your credit card has been used illegally (e.g., lost or stolen), we will verify this information with your bank. Such a claim may result in the cancellation of your credit card service, a negative record in your credit history, and potential legal action against you.

If a purchase is cancelled and the order has not been processed yet, the customer will only be charged for any transaction or refund fees. Due to our efficient order processing, we recommend submitting your cancellation request as quickly as possible. Failure to do so may result in your request not being considered. Refunds will be processed within 12 working hours.

REFUND REQUESTS should be submitted through the Premiumovo contact page: